Month: June 2018

The Best GPU For Mining Ethereum?

Whether you’re building a single ether mining rig or a whole farm of these, the graphics cards are the main component for determining performance. Though mining is not a 3D workload, GPUs do most of the heavy lifting. An easy graphics card can help you mine more currency, more quickly but if it drinks juice by way of a firehose, you’ll be sending your entire profits to the electric company.

In order to flip a tidy benefit from your mining business, you will need to buy a design card that is both powerful and electricity efficient. To assist you to choose, we analyzed over a dozen different cards, operating them by using a bevy of performance tests while calculating how much electricity they use and heating they generate.

If you’re thinking about engaging in eth mining, you’ve come to the right place.  Locating the best GPU for mining Ethereum can be troublesome since having high video games benchmarks and a higher price tag doesn’t invariably mean the images card is the foremost as it pertains to mining.

When selecting a GPU for mining Ethereum, you have to think about the following:

  • Price
  • Hash Rate
  • Vitality Consumption

You are looking for something that gets the best balance between your three.


If this seems too difficult or an excessive amount of a hassle then you are a wuss!  Just kidding!     Despite the fact that building an ether mining rig is fun and a lot like developing a money tree, the process of tuning it and ensuring it’s cranking away is not the easiest thing to do.  That’s the reason cloud mining is out there.

GPU Mining is Back, For Now…

The bitcoin market underwent serious changes in the four years since we first had written about GPU ether mining. The average user can no longer use their GPUs to mine for bitcoins because the procedure has become far too rigorous. Instead, mining is now controlled by companies mostly located in China, where electricity is far cheaper than, for example, in America.


The AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 is the latest GPU from AMD that simply dominates mining.  Stock, it can mine Ethereum at 33 MH/s using around 200 w but with just a little tweaking, the hash rate is often as high as 41 MH/s using less than 135 watts!  This card is simply a monster.  They can be flying from the shelves so be sure to grab yours when you’re able to.

To conclude:

They are stock hash rates and stock electricity consumption.  There are many tweaks that you can do such as overclocking, lower the voltage, using different firmware and beta motorists.  Every card is different so you’ll have to find the special spot.And if you want to mine other Cryptocurrencies, you can use the same exact hardware.  You simply have to run a new mining script.If you want help with the other bits needed to create an eth mining rig, check out Build an Ethereum Mining Rig.  Now get out there and also have some fun!…